Flatware Buying Guide

There is more to buying flatware, silverware or cutlery if you prefer, than just having enough knives, forks and spoons for each of your guests. Unfortunately, with the advent of the “dining out culture” the art of setting a beautiful table has suffered enormously. This may not be a big issue until that special occasion comes up when it is time to entertain and impress. It is important to remember that the table you set for your guests reflects not only your own taste, but also on the importance you are giving to those you have invited to dine with you in your home.

Any chef will tell you that the food is perhaps the most important part of the meal but “presentation” is the difference between good and spectacular! By setting a beautiful table, with a quality place setting for each guest, you are not only speaking well of your own taste you will also be telling your friends, family, co-workers and other invited guests that you value their having taken time from their busy lives to enjoy a fabulous meal in your home.

There are many attributes that you will want to consider when selecting the flatware pattern that will represent you on your table. Design, weight, finishing quality, metal type and where it comes from are just a few of them.

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